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Nurzee's robust VMS platform is the bridge between

Staffing Agencies & Healthcare Facilities

Nurzee is a Vendor Management Software Company that provide healthcare facilities access to a network of independently owned supplemental nursing staffing agencies (SNSA), for per diem, temporary & contractual placements of qualified & vetted healthcare professionals (RNs, LPNs, TMAs, CNAs, DSPs, PCAs). Nurzee has been serving over 190+ healthcare facilities & 150+ staffing agencies accross Minnesota and Wisconsin since 2019.


Assisted Living Facilities


Long-term care Facilities


Staffing Agencies



A Medical Staffing Success Tool (One Point of Contact)

About Nurzee.

Nurzee is a platform that provides Vendor Management Services (VMS) to healthcare facilities. Managing healthcare professionals (such as RNs, CNAs, LPNs, DSPs, and TMAs) from several supplemental medical staffing agencies can be very challenging & inefficient. By using nurzee and our network of independently owned and operated medical staffing agencies, we help you find the qualified healthcare professional that you are looking for from local sources, while maintaining a single point of contact – and it couldn't be easier to implement.

Temp in the descriptions below refer to temporary workers in the medical field. This includes CNA, RN, TMA, LPN & DSP.

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Nurzee For Healthcare Facilities

Why Choose Nurzee?

Nurzee’s software solution for healthcare facilities is impeccable. Our VMS platform completely automates, simplifies, and provides an effective & efficient way to get open shifts filled in your facility. With multiple vetted medical staffing agencies linked to the platform, your facility has access to a large pool of very qualified RNs, LPNs, CNAs, DSPs & TMAs who are readily available to fill in at your facility.
Nurzee is a D.O.N & Facility staffer's best friend.

Better VMS Pricing

We are 50% cheaper than all other VMS platform, and we provide exceptional service.

Customer Service 24/7

Each Facility is assigned their own case manager that helps with Scheduling & conflict management.

Calendar System

Built-in calendar that show all temps scheduled to work. The Temp's agency is also shown.

Realtime Notifications

Nurzee’s system sends out realtime email & text message notifications when an action takes place.


Nurzee generates invoices and sends them directly to the accounting department to streamline the payment process.

NextGen Platform

Nurzee allows facilities to control their own needs, whether they need to add, change or cancel shifts in real time.

Shifts Filled Quickly

With 90+ staffing agencies on the nurzee platform, shifts posted are quickly filled within a very short period of time.

Billing to one Invoice

With nurzee, facilities pull from a pool of vetted staffing agencies, but just deal with one invoice as opposed to multiple invoices.

No Contractual Obligations

Having no contractual obligations gives your facility the ability to use any other VMS or staffing agency while still using nurzee.

Export PBJ Reports

Nurzee allows facilities to conveniently generate and export pbj reports based on a fiscal quarter or custom date range

Credential Compliance

Our account managers are always monitoring the system to make sure all temp documents are compliant and up-to-date.

Document Tracker

Built-in document tracker that tracks the expiration dates of certain very important documents for temps.

Our Working Process (Healthcare Facilities)

It takes us about 1-2 hours to cover 100 shifts posted.

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Nurzee For Staffing Agencies

Why Choose Nurzee?

With Nurzee’s VMS platform, staffing agencies have access to several healthcare facilities with open needs. Sign up & start uploading temps to get them per diem or contractual work placements

Temp Management

Staffing agencies can efficiently & effectively manage their temps on Nurzee.

Calendar System

Built-in calendar that show all temps’ schedules & facilities they are scheduled to work at.

Mobile Apps

With the nurzee temp app, temps can always keep track of their work schedules in real-time.

Next Gen Platform

Agencies can pick up shifts for their temps, manage temp’s documentation & schedules.

Invoice Editor

Nurzee generates editable invoices, populated by all the shifts worked by temps of that agency.

Realtime Notifications

Staffing agencies get realtime notifications whenever facilities post shifts.

Perfect Schedule

With multiple shift schedules posted on nurzee, agencies can pick the perfect shift for their temps.

Credential Compliance

Our account managers are always monitoring the system to make sure all documents are compliant and up-to-date.

Document Tracker

Built-in document tracker that tracks the expiration dates of certain important documents with expiry dates.

Reports Generator

Built in report generator. Generates reports on about anything - temp schedules, temp availabilty, scehduled shifts etc.

Time card Upload module

Nurzee's powerful invoice generator is built complete with a time card upload module. This is sent to the facility.

Free to Join

For now, nurzee is free to join for staffing agencies. Take advantage of this ASAP. Soon we might require a subscription.

Our Working Progress (Staffing Agencies)

Only VMS that Pays For OverTime.

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Once your temps have been approved, start assigning shifts to them.

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Vendor Management System (VMS) From Nurzee.

With our streamlined vendor Management System (VMS), healthcare facilities enjoy staffing from an elite pool of healthcare talent, packed with features like Real-Time notifications and updates. This gives healthcare facilities total workforce visibility with smarter recruiting, better credential compliance and above all, the best opportunity for business growth. It doesn't matter if you are a staffing agency or healthcare facility, nurzee makes it easy to hire, manage and retain staff.
Nurzee is truly staffing made SIMPLE.

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Customer Reviews

Our Reviews On Google.

Amazing company! To be very honest, without Nurzee's software and amazing staff, I don't think my healthcare facilities would've survived this pandemic. We were extremely short staffed, but through Nurzee's user-friendly software platform, our numerous opened shifts were exposed to multiple local staffing agencies. We were able to get almost a hundred shifts covered within 10 hours of posting.

James Brantley

Facility Owner

During the heart of the COVID-19 crisis, my organization's Senior Living facilities needed to exponentially increase staffing quickly. was key to our success. Nurzee provides an online platform to get open shift needs out to over 30 staffing agencies. More importantly they provide a personal, human partnership; I appreciate feeling like I have friends that care about me and my organizations success!

Bobbi Jones


Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any other questions, please call us or send us an email by clicking the button bellow.

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No we are not. We get this confused quite often. We are a Vendor Management System (VMS) in other words, we are the tunnel between a medical staffing agency & a healthcare facility. Through Nurzee, healthcare facilities enjoy staffing from an elite pool of healthcare talent. We currently have about 65+ staffing agencies on nurzee.

Good Question. We are one of the only VMS platforms that completely owns it's own software. Other VMSs out there lease their software from a 3rd party company, hence the reason why our software is more robust & packed with so many more features. In addition, we have an in house software development team.

Yes we do. In fact we are the only VMS platform right now that pay for overtime. We believe that if workers are willing to work extra hours, they should be compensated extra.

This app allows temps to be able to see their work schedule (Time, date & place) This helps reduce no call, no shows.

As you know, it's impossible to guarantee no call, no shows. However, we have built multiple tools and put in place policies to limit this very significantly. Some of these tools & policies include the following:
Text Notifications: This generally keeps temps informed about all their upcoming shifts. This is because when a temp is scheduled to do a shift, that temp receives a text message with all it's details.
Temp Replace Tool: We built an easy to use temp replace tool that allows staffing agencies switch temps for a shift, if the temp initially scheduled is unable to show up for that shift. This also reduces no call, no shows.
Do Not Return (DNR) Policy: At nurzee, we are very strict with no call, no shows. Without a very valid reason, a temp with a no call, no show is immediately suspended from our platform for 3-6 months. And if temp does this 3 times, temp is immediately banned from our platform perminently.
Regular Checks: Our account managers regularly follow up with staffing agencies to make sure their temps are fully aware of their schedules, and will show up for thier shifts.
Because of all the above, we have significantly reduced the no call, no show rate.

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